Table of Contents

Foreword. Biology’s Love Affair with the Genome / Russ Altman

1. Beyond the Genome / Hallam Stevens and Sarah S. Richardson

2. The Postgenomic Genome / Evelyn Fox Keller .

3. What Toll Pursuit: Affective Assemblages in Genomics and Postgenomics / Mike Fortun

4. The Polygenomic Organism / John Dupré

5. Machine Learning and Genomic Dimensionality: From Features to Landscapes / Adrian Mackenzie

6. Networks: Representations and Tools in Postgenomics / Hallam Stevens

7. Valuing Data in Postgenomic Biology: How Data Donation and Curation Practices Challenge the Scientific Publication System / Rachel A. Ankeny and Sabina Leonelli

8. From Behavior Genetics to Postgenomics / Aaron Panofsky

9. Defining Health Justice in the Postgenomic Era / Catherine Bliss

10. The Missing Piece of the Puzzle? Measuring the Environment in the Postgenomic Moment / Sara Shostak and Margot Moinester

11. Maternal Bodies in the Postgenomic Order: Gender and the Explanatory Landscape of Epigenetics / Sarah S. Richardson

12. Approaching Postgenomics / Hallam Stevens and Sarah S. Richardson