Troy Duster, author of Backdoor to Eugenics

Some topics are so multi-faceted that it is difficult for any single author to do it justice. ‘Postgenomics’ is one of those concepts that requires a collection of different perspectives to help nail down what it connotes. In this remarkable volume, each of the six variable meanings of ‘post-genomic’ is captured, illuminated, and placed in socio-historical context—and the editors provide an excellent overview that gives coherence to the enterprise.

Michael M. J. Fischer, author of Anthropological Futures


Postgenomics is a brilliant collection of lucid and accessible essays, and a go-to volume for anyone who wants to catch up on what has been happening in contemporary biology and science studies. Illuminating changes in the concepts of gene, genetics, genomics, postgenomics, and epigenomics—and covering everything from cancer biology, affect, and big data curation practices to behavior genetics, machine-learning infrastructure, and feminist critique—Postgenomics may change the way you think.